What is a Bounty Program?

Popularly known as a bug bounty program, it was first started in 1983 where anyone who found and reported a bug would receive a Volkswagen Beetle. That is how the name Bug came about, from the trophy that anyone who would report a bug did receive. Currently, all that is involved with the Bounty program is that a number of websites and software developers offer deals to individuals who report bugs.


This program has gone a long way to helping the against misuse of some of the deadly bugs that are available in the world at the moment. Some of the major stakeholders who have embrace bounty programs are the likes of Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and so many others who have really contributed quite a lot to the world wide web community.


The bounty program has not only been accepted by these know organization but also with the Government has also started to use these programs. In the past, the government has been seen to threaten and even sue some of the known hackers. This has been reversed in the recent day with the same government accepting of some of the benefits of the bounty program. The Pentagon has even gone on record to use the bounty program by inviting the hackers in making the use of their expertise in identifying and taking charge of some of the bugs that can be a menace.


There are several incidents where some major players in the technology industries have been really affected by the bugs that have been created and used to solicit or gain funds in some unscrupulous ways. A recent example is when the science computer student used to exploit Facebook. One thing that has to be acknowledged is that to find researches who can find bugs and in the end help in the improvement of security is very rare. That is why they have been really acknowledged and are being rewarded well.


Bounty program was recently acknowledged public by Google the same, which will not only cover most of their products but at the same time be rewarded pretty well. The same measures have been taken by Microsoft and Facebook who came together in November 2013 and sponsored the program. Their main aim was to offer a reward for individuals who report hacks that will not only jeopardies the internet user but also some of the well-known and extensively used software. The use of the bounty program to make the internet and computer software safer is one of the major steps that have been adapted and continues to spread to so many different organizations.


In 2014 there was an Open bug bounty where the community was allowed to post some of the vulnerabilities that might be witnessed and it the end they will be rewarded. The bounty program is one of the big steps that has been taken to ensure that the internet is bug-free as not only individuals identify the bugs that might be a threat but are also rewarded for their effort and expertise.